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Friday, November 30, 2012


Okay, I am not the best at blogging regularly, but I am an artist after all & therefore 'beat to a different drum'.  Please hang in there, I promise it will be worth it!

Now that the Holidays are here, lots of us will be traveling.  Now travel is not as carefree as it once was, so lets at least make our makeup bag needs simple!

I use the zip plastic bag bed sheets come in!
Here are my tips for what to keep in your makeup bag for both travel and your purse.

-A safety pin.  Always pin a closed safety pin to the outside of your makeup bag.  If you loose a button or a necklace or bracelet breaks, it can save you!
-Vitamin E Stick or Capsules.  Keep a Vitamin E Stick on your night stand whether home or away.  Important for travel by air because skin dries out quickly.  Use around your eyes, on your lips & rub into cuticles and elbows too.  Use that safety pin to pierce the tip of a vitamin E capsule, squeeze & apply to desired areas.  No one wants to look at dry, flakey elbows!
-Face cleaning wipes.  Great for quick makeup removing when tired & staying up later then usual.  Also use to shine your shoes (or your man's), clean up a spot on your clothes & to freshen up!
-Use snack size, sandwich size & gallon size Zip Lock Bags.  Use the snack size for Q-tips, earrings, & travel size makeup brushes.  The sandwich size works for sealing liquid foundation.  Never do you want to have it break or spill on your clothes. Pad with makeup sponges & travel tissue packs.  Gallon size bags are great for mouthwash, body lotion, deodorant & anything that can open or spill.  Tuck all of the zip lock bags in a fold up, hanging makeup travel organizer.  Between the zip locks & the zipper pockets in the travel bag, you'll arrive with your makeup in perfect, organized shape!
-Keep Q-tips in your travel bag.  Pointed Q-tips are handy for lining eyes or smudging eyeliner thats too heavy or stark.  Use also for correcting lipstick.  The point makes it a breeze to fix a small mistake without messing up your lipstick.
-Keep a few twist ties with you.  Yes, the ones on loafs of bread or that come with your new trash bags.  Clear or black, even gold are best.  Use for changing the length of a necklace to make it look different while traveling. Cuts down on lugging around lots of jewelry.  Wear a necklace long during the day, then thread the twist tie thru your necklace, tighten, shorten & have a whole new look for night!  *Be sure to cover the twist tie with your hair or a scarf!
-Visit the Drug Store.  Grab up all the travel size items, 2 each.  Make one bag (gallon zip lock) with one of each to keep in your travel bag always & one to use right away.  That way your covered & have what you need on hand.  Don't forget the razors!  I keep inexpensive ones in every travel bag I have!

-2 shades of lipstick, 1 lipgloss.  Lipstick in a lighter shade & one in a darker shade.  1 lipliner in a neutral color to go with both lipsticks & a tinted gloss to use alone or over lipsticks.
-Compact of touch up powder.  Be sure the color is translucent or matches your skin so you don't turn orange.  Replace the puff or sponge in the compact often.  Use the mirror for touch ups & to check your teeth for random bologna or bread!
Clear is best to keep in your purse!
-Small pack of dental floss.  Refer to former tip above.
-Pack of tissue.  For everything!
-Concealer Pencil.  A pencil concealer won't spill or ruin your purse if it falls out of its bag.  Carry one only if you need to use it during the day.  Don't carry it if your skin is clear.  Too much concealer can cake up adding it during the day.  Use with care and a light hand.

That's about it on the best items to keep with you traveling or daily.  Check back with me soon & visit my Store (click the tab above) to find makeup items I use & carry in my kit.  I am selling the some of the same cosmetics I use at low Holiday prices!  I'll pop in again when I add them & let you know.
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Be back soon!

Your Studio Makeup Chick,