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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Not many words for this post. Let the photos show you & inspire you in your path to beauty!

Favorite Lashes to use for on camera!
One of my very Favorite Shades! Purchase by clicking Red Store Tab!

NYX "Morocco Nights pallet", used in eye photo

Back view, after (I created this look 3/13)
Before, short multi colored bob
After 20 inch hair Extension, multi colored

After 18 inch extensions (10/12)
During Pure Vegan Keratin Bond Extension Design

Me at Paramount with stylist, leaving for Oscars
Properly Blended shadows, 4 shades!
3 eyeshadow Brush sizes for blending eyeshadow perfectly!

Taupe Eyeshadow, use for Contouring cheekbones!

Hope you enjoyed photos of some of my work!

Yours in Beauty, 
Pro Glam Chick

Tuesday, January 1, 2013



It's the new year.  Welcome 2013!   To start the year off, lets make this year a year about looking our best!  Not that all years shouldn't have that aim, but lets focus harder this year!  Keeping with this aim, I will share my point of view on some beauty areas to concentrate on.

  Starting with the title of this blog, "Men Love Long Hair".  I am inspired to write about this subject because it is a fact I have always known and I just read and Tweeted a study showing men choosing long hair over short.  In this study men were shown photo's of women both with short and long hair.  The men were unaware that some of the photo's were of the same women, only the hair length was changed.  Overwhelmingly men found the women in the photo's with longer hair more attractive even though they didn't realize the women were the same.  Using photo shop only the length of hair was changed.  That change was more appealing to the men.

  This is what I have tried to drill into women's heads ('heads', hair, get it?) for years!  So many women wear their hair longer when they're single then upon getting married & having a baby they cut it.  Why? Well, some of these women will say its because it's "easier" with the baby and all.  Come on!  I had a baby and major back surgery during the same 15 month span & I kept my hair long.  If I can go thru that dramatic couple of life changing events and deal with long hair, so can anyone.  It's really not hard to put your hair up, braid it, wear a ponytail, etc.  Please realize women, just because you are now a "wife" or "wife & mother" doesn't prevent you from continuing to be the woman you are!  The woman who your husband found attractive enough to get to know, then fall in love with and marry and even have a child with.  Don't forget that.

  I have never been one to relate completely to Feminism, yet I am still a very strong, independent woman.  To be a successful career woman strength is key, yet strength does not take away my femininity!  Women can be independent, successful and strong and continue to be a woman.  Just because we can open a door ourselves or pull out our own chair shouldn't mean we shun the respect a man is showing us.  It is not wrong to want to please the man in your life.  It is actually quite smart.  I have blogged before about being "the other woman".  Meaning changing your look with a different hair style or makeup look.  Men are visual therefore appeal to that.  Change your look from the office to going out to dinner.  It doesn't have to be dramatic (unless you want it to be), a little change can do the trick.  You will see and feel the difference from him & you too will feel better about yourself!  Keep with me here & I will post tips and tricks to achieve the changes in your looks!

  One great way to change your looks is Hair Extensions!  Yes, they are an investment, but so worth it! They not only look sexy and youthful, they cause you to walk a little taller, swing your hips a bit more & feel the sexier you inside!  That feeling is worth the investment!  If Hair Extensions are too much at the moment, try Lash Extensions!  Batting those sensual eyes worked for Marilyn Monroe & can work for you too!  Eyelash Extensions are light, you don't even feel them, easy, painless (actually done right, should be a calming, quiet experience, choosing a quiet environment with a private room) & look so amazing!  You wake up looking doe-eyed and with defined eyes!  Great for us fair haired, fair skinned Chicks!  If you are a 'all or nothing Chick' like me, go for both Lash & Hair Extensions!  Sometimes you just have to do it!  Remember before you book your appointment to do your homework!  Be sure of license and certification!  Also, looking into the background is vital.  They must be very experienced!  These are the vary reasons my clients choose me!  So if you are in the Palm Springs, CA area, look me up and I will create a lash and hair look that will make you look and feel gorgeous &  your man will notice...and say thank you!

  Other ways to bring beauty into your life for the new year are drink more water!  Fill a reusable bottle of about 16 ounces and drink throughout the day, refill 4 to 6 times, your skin will glow & your body will thin out a bit.  You will eat less due to the water making you feel fuller.  Grab a Vitamin E Stick or Capsules & apply to lips, around eyes, on cuticles & don't forget your elbows!  Keep on your nightstand and use nightly.  You will see and feel the difference in a week!  Try on soles of your feet and heels too, just apply at bedtime so you don't slip!  Slather mayonaise or olive oil on hair once a month.  Great for locking in moisture, just don't use it on the day you need to look perfect!  Can weigh hair down.  Do it the day before!  Keep skin and hair from damage while you sleep.  Invest in a satin pillow case.  The smooth satin will keep skin from forming lines while sleeping on your sides & hair will slide not rub agains the satin.  I can always tell what side someone sleeps on by looking at their skin, lashes or hair.  Their skin will have more defined lines (even if they are younger) on one side, their hair will be thinner & lashes will be thinner and sometimes bent inward from pressure on one side.  Drink Green Tea.  A cup every night was my Grandmothers secret & she not only lived to 90, but looked and passed for a much younger woman!  Green Tea also helps keep fat away from our bellies!

  There!  Lots of ways to welcome in 2013 Beautifully!!  Choose one or choose them all, but do something for yourself!  Have a look in my Online Store too if you like to get you started!  Purchase a beauty product, hair or lash extensions or beautify your inside by donating to a dog and teen in need!  Mine is the only store that provides Beauty with Benefits!!  Remember, true and real beauty comes from inside.  No makeup in the world can cover up evil, jealousy, selfishness, stinginess or hypocrisy!! Your face displays your life choices and you really do end up with the face you Deserve!  So have a look at my store and choose a beauty enhancer to fit your life!

Here is to a Beautiful New Year!!

Lisa Gibson, "The Makeup Chick"


Now that the end of the year is almost here, I wanted to be sure I took the time to appreciate my clients & all the wonderful people I know!  Since my last blog post was about negative, transparent people who have to list their supposed  good qualities.  Real people know when you truly are a wonderful, happy, loved person it just shows, you never have to name them off!  Beauty is apparent in the acts of a person, in their generosity, in their ability to give & not think of taking.  In being so fulfilled in your own life the last thing you'd ever think of, much less do, is seek out another and see what they're doing in their life.  It absolutely shocks me when I'm made aware of people like this searching me out.  These people meant nothing to me when I had to deal with them, certainly not a thought in my mind afterwards!
To the amazing people in my life who "get it", thank you!  Thank you to all my clients for your consistent business.  Thank you for your kind gifts!  I was surprised to receive so many!  I truly do appreciate all of you & your grace in choosing to make your own decisions.  Thank you for all the wonderful compliments on my new location.  I really love it & am thrilled to be in such a beautiful spa environment.  I know the new year will provide more amazing things for us as we continue to work together for beauty's sake.  I love designing Hair & Lash Extensions and am happy to welcome my newer clients who took advantage of my Hair/Lash Special!  Long lashes and long, sexy hair together!  I am glad you all are happy with them & realized I was right!  You are turning more heads now!  Believe me, I worked with men on countless TV, Movie & Music Videos who were part of the crew and I listened when they talked!  As well as the celebrity men I spoke with thru the years!  I am happy to be right since my Hair and Lash designs helped with looking better and feeling better!

I just Tweeted a new survey result, 'Do men prefer long hair?' YES was the overwhelming answer!  How long? Past the shoulders.  Men were shown photos of the same women, the only change made was length of hair.  Men picked the women with the longer hair even though they were not aware they were being shown the same women.  They found the photos of the women with longer hair more appealing.  This is what I have been saying & telling women for years!!  Being in the beauty business on both sides of the makeup chair (as a model & makeup/hair artist) in the highest end of the business, the Studio's, I know what is attractive & I know how to get you there!!

  Here is my salute in Photos to my beautiful clients!  Enjoy!

Mischa Barton is said to have used products which used the so-called temple hair
Mishca, loved working with you!
Keratin treatment
Neat & tight Design, not just application!

Eyelash Extensions
Amazing Difference!
Showing curved design.  Thank you Veronica!!

Thank You, Gisele! Glad you came to me for your wedding!

Lash Extensions, done properly, such a difference!
Pro Chick at work!


Extreme length!
Thank you Brenda, I'm glad you love your hair!
   My sincere appreciation to all, for your support, putting up with pictures and photo shoots for me and repaying my loyalty with yours!

See you all in 2013!

Lisa Gibson, "The Makeup Chick"

Saturday, December 29, 2012


"We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift." -Marilyn Monroe

Me, Photo Shoot-12/12
You know them.  You've met them, dated them lived next door to them or even worked with them.  If you've had better luck then me, you have managed to avoid them.  Too bad there isn't a sign or clear warning to ignite our basic "fight or flight" response upon our first encounter with these jealous souls.  If only these people came with a "run now" or "damaged goods" warning tag!  We could then steer clear of these poor, lonely, talentless cling on's before their desperation causes them to try to become a part of our full, happy lives.

"The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy are goodness, beauty, and truth" -Albert Einstein 

At some point in our lives we do have to deal with one of these tainted and broken personalities.  If you're lucky, its only one, however if you are like me, above average looks, happy relationship & amazing career you'll have more than you share!!  Please don't take my previous statements of fact to be egotistical, they are not.  They are simply facts.  I had a career for which I was paid to have my face & body photographed, then went on to a highly successful  career, basically working for myself, in entertainment.  Not many people have lives & a career like this much less two careers!  Again, I am not meaning to brag (and if you are someone similar to me, you get what I am saying) I am stating obvious facts.  Its like Albert Einstein saying he is stupid!  That would be silly!  The fact is Einstein was a genius and for him to try to say otherwise is ridiculous!  That is where I am coming from.  And no, I am  not comparing myself to Einstein.  But for those of you reading this that get it, you already knew that!

"No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Cinderella, True Beauty
I for some reason have had more than a few encounters with these sad 'haters'.  It could be the industry I spent most my life in that led to these situations, I don't know.  I do know that from a young age I started noticing strange reactions in meeting women.  At the time I was not as secure in myself or my looks so I thought there was something wrong. I learned from a modeling agent I had that it was not me but a reaction to me that was the issue.  My height, lean build & good genes led me to modeling, I did not seek it out.  I had notes left on my cars from ages 16 on numerous times from men wanting a date or men saying they were a photographer, etc.  Just from seeing me walk through a parking lot or store.  Now again, this is not my ego.  My looks are not my creation!  I did not have plastic surgery to look the way I do!  Therefore, I cannot take credit for my looks, my parents do!  They are the two that made me the way I look.  Being beautiful is not a talent!  It is a lucky gene pool!  Beauty also can be a double edged sword!  Case in point, the subject matter of this blog post.  If I did not look the way I do, I would not have dealt with these pathetic 'haters' so often, perhaps at all.  Clearly outward beauty is a gift, not a talent.  What is a talent though is beauty on the inside!  Who you are, integrity, morality, kindness, honesty, generosity (both of spirit and material) and compassion to name a few.  Behaving as a "beauty" is the only pure and real beauty there is & it is developed, not given.  A good example of inner beauty & outer beauty having to deal with the ugly, evil and jealous is Cinderella.  The core of that story is exactly what I am writing about here!  Cinderella's step sisters only hated Cinderella because of her outer beauty.  True, Cinderella was born with her looks but she was kind & loving to all.  That is what the core of her beauty stemmed from.  Her two hateful, jealous & outer beauty challenged step sisters were so busy trying to compete with someone that was not in competition, that they missed out on the real beauty of their step sister & life!

"the voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls" -Friedrich Nietzsche

Me, Studio Makeup Room-'96
I have had way too many encounters with the "ugly step sisters" types & will never fully understand someones motivation to insert themselves into my life.  For example, I worked for years for a certain leading, national TV show as a Makeup Artist.  There was a Hair Stylist working the same show.  I  did not work in the same makeup room as she, so not much interaction.  Years later I am called to work the makeup department for another national TV show, after having my first child.  The first day I report to the studio's & open the makeup room, I see this same Hair Stylist.  Its been about 4 years since last we saw each other (she got let go of the other show about a year after I was hired) and I had not only had a baby (at the time, less then 2 years old), I had also had major back surgery & heavy rehab.  Well, the first thing this person says to me is, "Wow, Lisa Gibson!  I saw your name on the call sheet & thought, she's on this show? I figured you were hired because you're the 'sexy Lisa Gibson', but now I see you are not sexy anymore."  She was referring to my gaining 15 pounds due to my baby and recent back surgery with learning to walk again.  You see, she was so jealous and hateful towards me all those years that she managed to launch the meanest cut down she could at me!  She not only let me know I was no longer 'sexy' but she also demeaned my talent and ability!  I have had lots of mean remarks born from jealousy thrown at me, but I remember this one because I had no idea she had spent all those years thinking of me!!  Get a life!  I had not given her a seconds thought.  Not because of any reason, she was just insignificant to me & my life.  I had no reason to think of her, she was not important enough.  I had not bad feelings or good towards her, I felt nothing as she was not in my life.  I have too much going on to think of someone I once worked with.  Not negative or positive, just nothing.

"Beauty is a sign of intelligence" -Andy Warhol

Me, Hawaii '08
That leads me to my point.  I am beyond tired of women who are so insecure, lonely, sad, talentless & bored that they must constantly find ways to insert themselves in my life.  Why is it that just because I may have moved on these desperate women cannot seem to stop thinking about me, reading about me or trying to compete with me?  How can there be a competition between Cinderella and her ugly step sisters?  There cannot be a competition where there is no commonality!  That is why you never see a woman that looks like Whoopie Goldberg in a beauty pageant! Can't these women (and we know who they are in our lives) just go on with their lives?  Do they have to continue to inflict us with their lame excuses to make contact?  Its bad enough dealing with men like this throughout life, why do we have to endure these lackluster, clueless women too?  When I have a end to a relationship with a woman (neither bad or good, just an end), be it business or personal I do not think of them again.  I don't care & have no thought of them.  My life, as full as it is, goes on.  I am ambivalent about them.  I don't understand why these women can't see how pathetic, sad and desperate the look by spending their time thinking of or finding excuses to contact me?  My goodness, move on with your life!  Get a life!  Unless someone is very special to me, I do not worry about what they do, say or have.  I certainly am never threatened by anything they may do or have because they are no competition to me, so why should I give them a thought?  Yet it amazes me that there are still these empty, sad & desperate women I have either worked with or known that are so out of touch with reality they actually think they matter to me, much less are competition!  Please, if you think you may be one of these types, stop!  Moving on with your life is the answer.  Inflicting yourself on people that clearly are out of your league and or think absolutely nothing of you just highlights how sad and empty your life is!  Read a book, learn a language, volunteer in an animal shelter, join a gym and try to find your waist again anything but being transparent & pathetic enough to continue to worry about someone who never gave a second thought to you!  Realize you are on one level & they are on another, much higher, happier & more successful level than you ever were or ever could be.  No competition between Cinderella and her ugly, mean, loser step sisters!  A warthog and a thoroughbred race horse cannot compete!

"Beauty is the illumination of your soul" -John O'Donohue

Me, Modeling-'90
Now, for the 'haters',  find a hobby, volunteer in helping others, donate to charity but stop obsessing about people who couldn't care less about you.  It just makes you even more ugly than you already are & that is not what anyone wants!
For the object of the "haters", keep on being the successful, ground breaker, loving and well loved, happy, fulfilled, beautiful (inside and out), amazing, smart, talented woman you have always been!  Maybe nothing will ever make the 'haters' change, but us objects will continue to love, be loved and succeed at things others won't attempt!

"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone" - Dorothy Parker

Wishing you a Happy & Beautiful New Year!

-The Makeup Chick-

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


  Why do so many women insist on using lip liner that doesn't come close to matching their lipstick?  Is it done for a "look"?  A horrible, un-kissable, just drank hot chocolate look?  Is this done for effect?  If so, what effect?  Fright? Fear? Sympathy?
I hope she enjoyed her hot chocolate!
I think sympathy, because that is the effect that comes over me when I see this dark, stark lipliner look.  I feel so sorry for the women sporting this disaster & wish to give them a mirror as it seems they do not have one.  Perhaps I feel sympathy for their color blindness or sorry for them that they (quite wrongly) think they actually look good!  I see these poor, misguided souls all over.  On television (reality TV), at the store, selling cosmetics at the department stores, ringing up my order at my local home supply store.  I have to fight to stop myself from running at them with a handful of tissues & frantically wiping their lips clean, then reapplying properly!  I want to ask, why?  Why did they chose their lipstick/lip liner combo?  Do they have 'real' friends?  Friends that will tell you the truth, risk hurting your feelings, to be sure not to let their friend walk around looking like they just polished off a box of Oreo's!  Perhaps all their friends apply their lip liner in the same way?  I wonder about the men in these women's lives.  Do they think this, "I just ate a box of Oreo's & washed them down with hot chocolate" lip liner look is appealing?  Are they too afraid to speak up?  Aren't these men at least fed up with the ruined shirt collars & high dry cleaning bill?

I don't know if I will ever solve the mystery of the dark lip liner with a lighter color lipstick stark look, but I will teach anyone who will listen the correct & flattering way to color their lips.


1- Select a lip liner no more than one shade darker than you lipstick color.

2- Warm the tip of lip liner pencil on the back of your hand.  Makes the liner easier to apply & less likely to "crumb" (leave little chunks on lips).

3- Pick up a lip brush or pointed q-tip & blend line.

4- Apply a bit of lip balm, blot with tissue.

5- Now apply lipstick, use lip brush or out of the tube.

6- Blot again, if desired, to keep lip color from bleeding.
Just Right!

*Tip- At times applying lipstick first, then lip liner works well.  Especially when using darker or red tones. Provides more control.  Concealer applied before liner or lipstick helps with control too.  If choosing concealer first, skip the lip balm (#4).

Okay then, what have we learned?  Never, ever, ever wear a lip liner color more than one shade darker than your lipstick!  Best to match the two.  That way you'll never be accused of not sharing the box of Oreo's everyone is sure you just ate!!

Where to start to be sure you have the best selection of the right colors of lip liners?  Luckily I happen to have all the best colors on
 SALE in my online Store!  Supplies are limited, so press the "Red Store Button"(upper right) & pick up one in every shade!  For these prices, pick up two in each shade!  One for you & one as a Gift!  ...I know, Your'e Welcome!!

Yours in Beauty,
Lisa, The Makeup Chick

Posted By Lisa Gibson to Pro Studio Makeup Chick at 12/11/2012 12:49:00 AM


So many wrong ideas & bad, uninformed information out there regarding Eyelash Extensions!  "They make your lashes fall out", "you have to have them re-done every week or two", "you'll have no lashes of your own left"- all wrong!

  Eyelash Extension, when properly applied by an expert certified & skilled, will do no harm to your natural lashes.  You will not lose your own lashes because of wearing extensions.  However, proper following of home care is vital.  Do not use an eyelash curler, no waterproof mascara, do not pull on extensions, do not attempt to remove them yourself.
  Having a good experience with Eyelash Extensions is really all up to you, the client!  Before deciding on Eyelash Extensions, you MUST do your homework!  Do you exercise often & sweat?  Do you use steam rooms often?  Are you a swimmer?  Do you use rich, oil based eye cream or moisturizers?  Do you have the time to devote to monthly touch ups?  The budget too?
 I hand selected this Lash photo to promote extensions
  You see, proper selection through educating yourself is the key to a successful Eyelash Extension experience.  You are in control!  First find a artist who is certified & has years of work in both Extensions as well as skilled makeup application.  Why makeup application skill?  Working around the eye area takes skill & a steady hand.  Years of working in makeup provides a level of skill not gotten just in Eyelash Extension certification.  Also, be sure you choose a Licensed Esthetician/Cosmetologist.  A manicurist in the back of a nail salon is asking for trouble!  Sure, the price may be low, but the real price you will risk & may pay trusting your one and only set of eyes & vision will be priceless!
  Making sure your artist is Licensed as well as Certified is extremely important for sanitation!  An artist offering Lash Extensions who is not Licensed most likely will not be educated in proper sanitation vital to protecting you vision!!  A fact you do not want to skimp on, no matter what the price?  My goodness, its your eyes!!

Gel pad/surgical tape holds down & protects lower lashes
  Proper application of Eyelash Extensions is a lash to lash bond.  Meaning, one synthetic lash to one natural lash, one by one.  An artist offering Lash Extensions in under an hour (full set) is not applying one single lash!  Its a "Flare Lash", a lash that has 3-6 lashes connected in a knot together.  Attaching a "flare lash" to one natural lash is too much weight from the multi-lash & adhesive.  You are sure to not only look like a mess, but also loose your lashes!!  To properly apply a full set of lash to lash, single hair Eyelash Extensions should take at least an hour to 90 minutes.  Remember that when looking for a Lash artist.
  Your Lash artist should have a private, quiet & clean room away from the noise of a salon.  This process is at least an hour & should be done in the most calm & comfortable area.  Lying down on a chair that lies virtually flat or a massage table.  Quiet, calm, even sleep during your Lash appointment!  Your artist should be that gentle!  The only time you will feel at all uncomfortable is during the taping down of the lower lashes.  This prevents the upper & lower lashes from bonding together & never opening your eyes again!  So this taping of the lower lashes being done right is vital!  That is if you like having your eyes open!  Once your lashes are properly prepared, you close your eyes & let the artist do their magic!  Relax, day dream, sleep & open your eyes about an hour later to amazing, long, thick, glossy lashes!  During your time relaxing, a professional artist will gently pick up one synthetic lash with a special tweezer, dip it in special, eye safe adhesive, then spread your lashes apart to isolate just one natural lash, using another tweezer & apply the lash extension to one of your lashes.  Repeating this  process until about 60 lashes have been bonded to your lashes.  You'll have your lashes dried via a small fan, then you'll have your tape removed from your lower lashes, open your eyes & look in the mirror!  You should love what you see!
  You should be handed a list of directions to care for your extensions & follow them to the letter.  If the artist did their job properly, it is then up to you to do the rest!  No water on your lashes for 24-48 hours, no sweating or steam.  Then just enjoy all the looks & compliments that come your way!  

  Since you have just read all about Eyelash Extensions, I am sure you want them for yourself!  After all, its the Holidays & you deserve to stand out too!  Well, if your'e lucky enough to live in the Palm Springs area, you can come to me & enjoy my Holiday Special!  Get yourself a full head of long, thick, sexy hair (we all know men love long hair!) Extensions & I will design a Full Set of long, glossy Eyelash Extensions FREE!  You get amazing Hair & Lashes for one price!  
Green Lash Extensions! By Yours Truly
  For those of you not in my area, read above again & then apply what you have learned to select a proper, educated, professional, certified & licensed artist!  You won't get the Hair Extensions deal I offer, but you will get great lashes!  But only if you follow my rules in choosing the right artist!  You are in control!

  Now that you are ready to greet the Holidays (assuming you go get your lashes), you will need new makeup to show them off!  I am having a fantastic SALE on my hand selected eyeshadows, eye pencils, lip pencils & more!  CLICK ON THE RED STORE BUTTON & shop away!!  Beautify your  soul at the same time by purchasing from 'The Makeup Chick" because every purchase you make I donate to a needy dog & at risk teen!  Everyone wins!!  Go ahead and make a donation on your own to by selecting the Donate selection!  Any amount helps!  For your purchase, you will receive a thank you from the rescue themselves!  You can even donate as a gift in someones name!!  Just fill out the section to contact me!  Helping yourself to be more beautiful & helping a dog & teen that need it is the best gift!!  A unique gift too for the person in your life that is hard to shop for or has "everything"!

Have the Happiest of Holidays, Merry Christmas!!

Yours in Beauty,

Lisa, "The Makeup Chick"