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Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have been designing & applying makeup for many years, over 25 of those years for Television, Movies & many, many Celebrities.  During all that time I learned quite a bit!
As a professional Studio Makeup Artist, I have been challenged with solving various (and sometimes obscure) cosmetic issues.  Many of these times I have had to 'make do' with only the makeup items I had in my kit at the time.  Due to these situations & being a professional, I had to be very creative.  An example is, one of the days I was working my regular show, Dr. Phil, they called for the Stage Manager (the person that cues, points to the proper camera & counts down the host) to be on camera for a silly joke between he & Dr. Phil.  They asked me to give the Stage Manager a "black eye".  Well, I had been working the show for a while (our 1st season) & knew basically what cosmetic items I needed to keep in my kit for the content.  Mostly beauty.  I had to create a black eye out of only what I had in my makeup kit!  Companies do make "black eye kits", however I did not stock one for this show (I don't use "ready made kits" usually anyway)  & used what I had to create the black eye.  It came out great!
My point is since the definition of my career is creativity, I have learned some makeup tricks & tips that many women don't even think of!  I have passed these makeup tips/tricks on to many women during my career & many of my tips have ended up referenced in books celebrities have written.

Here is one of my makeup tips!  Be sure to check my blog site often to learn more of my makeup tips!  I am going to be starting a 'Makeup Tip/Trick of the Week', coming soon!

HOW TO MAKE YOUR EYES APPEAR LARGER, BRIGHT & FRESH:  On those mornings or days with out enough sleep or you just really want your eyes to pop & sparkle, try this-

1) Use either an eye pencil or an eye shadow that has some frost or sheen in it.

2) Choose a soft color, like an ice blue, frosty purple, lavender, green, silver or gold. I   choose the color to use by either picking up on a shade I'm wearing or go with an ice blue for everyday.  The blue tone of the pencil will reflect in the whites of your eyes & make them appear whiter, brighter & larger!

3)  *For Eye Pencils: Take your eye pencil, be sure to stroke it on the back of your hand a few times so its not too sharp & also to warm it. Gently pull down your lower, inner eyelid & line the inside pink of your eyes. Focus on the inside near your tear duct.  For those of you that are not thrilled with lining your inner eyelid, you may apply the highlighting pencil to right below your tear duct, on you skin. Use a tiny 'dotting'/'tapping' motion to layer a bit.  The amount you apply should be no larger than a pencil eraser.

4) *For Shimmer Eye Shadows: Grab a pointed cotton swap (my favorite, for more control), sponge tip applicator or a small brush, choose your favorite Shimmer Shadow, dampen the tip of your applicator, dip into your Shimmer Shadow & gently 'tap' directly under your tear duct.  Blend! You may also blend your highlighting color all the way across under lower lashes.  Either use a brown or gray color for lining your lower lashes (adds definition), then blend your Highlighting Shadow directly under it.  This is a beautiful look & works with virtually any Highlighting color.  Try both ways & see which you like best!  Or vary your look from day to day (which is the whole idea behind my Shadow Shammy Couture), one day, only at your tear duct, another, all the way across!

5) Colors that look best: Ice blue (almost white, "Origins" makes a fantastic blue/white highlighting pencil!), gold, silver, ice green, ice teal, ice purple/lavender,, soft pink.  All eye colors look great with an icy blue, however here are my favorites for various eye colors-
    a- Brown Eyes: gold, purple, lavender
    b- Blue Eyes: gold, Silver, Rust
    c- Green Eyes: purple, lavender, pink, silver
    d- Hazel Eyes: gold, rust, purple, lavender
*Remember, ALL eye colors look beautiful & bright with Ice Blue Highlighter!  But the point I am trying to share is, shake it up!  Try different colors! Always keep in mind though what looks best on you color wise!*

I know from listening to countless celebrities (who are just women, like us) the reason they don't use different colors on their eyes or layer multi-colored eye shadows, is because they don't know how!  That is why professional Makeup Artists like me have careers.  With my Shadow Shammy Couture, I am out to make it easy to vary your look!  One quick and easy 'press' across your eyelid & you have perfectly blended (Blending is the key) multi layered eye shadows!  No more guess work or shadow mess under your eyes!  No more guessing about which brush to use or how much, or how hard to press, or wasting makeup & Money! 

Click on the RED Store button, upper right, and see for yourself!  Order soon because due to all my Shadow Shammy Couture's being designed & actually blended across the soft, eyelid shaped cloth, in the same manner I would blend across an eyelid by ONLY ME, I must limit my clients.  Once you order, you will be on my list of clients & be able to purchase more.  There is nothing like this on the market, because Shadow Shammy Couture is truly "Couture" (high-end, handmade).  Now EVERY WOMAN will have "Celebrity Eyes"!  I am designing & using the same technique I have used for years on actual celebrities.  My designs are never applied to paper which can be rough on the fragile skin around the eye & with my choice of soft cloths, the eye shadows I apply are held in the fibers. The finished look is never stark (like with cheap, mass produced paper), always blended beautifully, professionally and shows!!

Click on the RED Store button and try them!  I include my Eyelid Primer mixed by me, with every purchase.  Dewey eyelids guarantee a perfect, long wearing transfer of shadows to skin!   Shake up your look(s)!! Try my Shadow Shammy Couture

                      Thank you for visiting & look for my next tip soon!  

                                  Yours in Beauty, Lisa Gibson

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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