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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I know it has been a while since my last post.  With the Christmas Holiday, guests in town & New Years coming, I have been everywhere at once!  In addition to that, I am working on creating a New Makeup Creation!  Very different from My Shadow Shammy Couture!!

This is like nothing you have ever seen!

My client list is now full for my Shadow Shammy Couture.  I am no longer offering them for sale.  Thank you to all for your purchases!

Stay tuned because I am releasing my New Beauty Innovation by the end of February!!

Happy New Year to All!

Yours in Beauty,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


  Before I became a Studio Makeup Artist, I was a Model.  Part of my career was as a lingerie model.  I went on an interview for a well known company & not only got the job shooting for their catalogs, I became their "fit model".  I happened to measure the perfect size for bras.  Strange because I always thought bras were made according to size but they are made "fitted" on a "34 B".  All sizes start as a 34 B.  It was a very different and interesting experience.  I spent a lot of time holding very, very still while designers pinned and cut directly on my body!  Very still!!
  During this time, the other "fit model" & I had to do small, live fashion shows for buyers.  These were in conference rooms and were mostly men.  There we were in a room full of "suits" in nothing but our underwear!  We did however, find pantyhose that were nude all the up with no panels.  We used to wear 2 pairs to feel like we had some protection!  We had to "show" the salesmen the fabrics on our bodies, the fit and worst of all, the feel of the fabric.  That meant the salesmen would feel free to 'freely feel' the little clothing we had on!  Feel they did!  Any excuse to "touch the merchandise"!  In any other job that type of behavior would not be allowed, but in areas of the "industry" (for lack of a better word), anything goes, that is if you want to work!
  This type of behavior went on even when I became a Makeup Artist!  I actually thought I'd be safe from those things as a Makeup Artist, I had to think again.  I did not have to perform my makeup duties in my underwear but at times it seemed I may as well have.  I had this one gig working in TV news.  I applied makeup for the anchors.  There were usually 4 faces I made up for the live broadcast.  One of the men was quite openly religious & came off as if he was honorable.  He was not.  He started off making remarks that were about my appearance, compliments, etc.  Then he began flirting.  I reacted as I always do & laughed it off,  keeping as much distance as I could finishing his makeup faster each time, then he went further.  When applying makeup for the anchors, I was usually alone with each one as they came in at certain times.  This time he came in, walked directly up to me & grabbed me.  He pulled me close to him & the makeup counter was behind me so I could not back up or move.  He then reached for a long necklace I was wearing & picked it up by unnecessarily touching my breasts.  The necklace was a lame "excuse" for doing exactly what he wanted to do.  He then kissed me hard on my mouth.  I jerked my head back as quickly as I could, but remember, this happens so fast & so unexpectedly, it is difficult to defend against.  Any women that has had this unwanted experience knows how fast it happens!  I was new & not sure what to do (knowing I would lose my gig if I said something) so I applied his makeup & tried to act like nothing happened.  So sick & uncomfortable!!
  Some time passed & I finally trusted another anchor enough to confide what had been done to me.  I told the anchor that whenever I had to be around this man I felt like I had to take a shower!  Thats how disgusting he was & made me feel!  I eventually did get this resolved.  I had many more experiences like this with other celebrities/personalities & had to say nothing because as a makeup artist you have no job security.  You can be fired for any & NO reason!!  Anytime!  It is a sad fact but goes with the territory.  I knew about a makeup artist that did complain about a situation that happened to her & she never worked again.
  For the most part my career was wonderful & filled with great, positive experiences and people!  I am happy I had the career I had & worked incredibly hard to have it!  These things happen & I have not even told you the worst.  I will though eventually in one of my upcoming blogs.  Again, let me say that both my modeling career & my makeup career were great!  I would not have wanted a "real job" behind a desk, going to the same building day after day, seeing the same people, etc.  That type of job never appealed to me.  It is fine for others & had I worked a job of that sort, I certainly would have had an easier road.  The trouble with me is I rarely choose the "easy road".  I don't know why, perhaps I just crave change & variety. I guess that is just me!  

Yours in Beauty,

Monday, December 19, 2011


  A good beauty routine consists of more then makeup & skin care.  Yes, good skin care and makeup knowledge are important but there are a few things over looked.
  Your teeth.  Are they healthy?  White, yet not too white!  Beautiful teeth do not look like a mouth full of Chicklets!  Following good & routine dental care is a big part of beauty!  So do not skip the dentist! Floss & brush your teeth! Tongue too!  Your over all health depends on your dental health.  Your social life depends on it too!  No one wants to see a smile that has teeth with stains, chips or  leftover pieces of lunch!  Fresh breath is a plus as well!  A beautiful woman can lose a great deal of her beauty with bad breath!  You don't want to be known as "that pretty woman with the bad breath" or "yeah, she's pretty, but..."
  Another part of your beauty routine is clean nails.  Don't forget your hands.  Your nails don't have to be polished but they do have to be clean, free of snags & hangnails!  And while we're on the subject, lets go a bit further up from your hand.  To your elbow.  Nothing gets to me quite as much as dry, cracked, scaly elbows! Yuck!  Please remember to moisturize your elbows, even if wearing long sleeves!  It makes a good habit & you never know who may see your elbows later when the long sleeves come off!
  Lastly, your hair.  Make sure to moisturize your hair with a good product at least once a month.  Be sure to trim off frizzy ends.  I can't stand it when people say "dead ends", all your hair is dead.  The proper term is "old ends".
They tend to look worse because they have been on your head longer, not because they are "dead". 
   Okay, I'm off that rant now, another thing to consider about your hair besides its health are styles.  Do you wear your hair the same way every day, every occasion?  Change it up!  Variety will  not only get you noticed, it will make you feel better too!  If you wear you hair  up in a twist on the same day you wash it, then take it down for the evening (a date or out with the girls) you'll have sexy waves with no effort!  Or on day two (if you wash every other day), wear your hair down & you'll have fun, flowing waves.  If your ears stick out & you are afraid to wear your hair up, don't worry.  Just style your hair half up & half down to cover your ears.  Or wear your hair in a loose bun that lets hair hang low enough on the sides to cover your ears.  My point is experiment!  Try new looks!  You'll be appreciated more for your creativity & stand out!  Looking the same everyday with the same makeup & same old hair style makes you blend into the wallpaper!  Get noticed!  Change your looks!  Play around with different hair styles & grab yourself a pair of Shadow Shammy Couture to change up you makeup!!  Read all about these amazing, fast, easy & beautifully blended eye shadow creations on this blog or better yet, Click on the red store tab & see for yourself!
  Be different, be creative, be beautiful & most important, be You!

Yours in Beauty,

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Nicole Kidman/Academy Awards
  As a professional Celebrity makeup artist for over 25 years, I have done my share of Awards Shows!  Now that the Golden Globe Awards are coming soon, why not let all the Celebrity makeup looks on the red carpet inspire you?
Me, on one of my numerous Awards credentials! 
  *I thought it would be fun to show all of you an actual Golden Globe Awards Show credential & a photo I took, at the "Oscars" of Nicole Kidman on the red carpet*

  When you watch the Golden Globes or any Award Show, pick out one or two looks that catch your eye & then use that inspiration to venture out into a new makeup look!!  It is easier (& a lot less expensive now) then ever before to try new eye shadow color combinations.  Click on the Red Store Tab & view the different color blends of Shadow Shammy Couture!  Decide which Shadow Shammy Couture would look best on your skin tone.  Then select another!!  Now is the time to try out that new "smokey eye" and burst of gold because for the Holiday's when you buy one Shadow Shammy Couture (which includes 3 pair) you get another set FREE!!
  So why wait for the New Year?  Order now & have fun showing off your new "mastery" of the "cat eye" to all your friends and relatives during parties and get togethers!  Impress them with your beautifully blended eye shadows that make your eyes really shine!  Get noticed & "award yourself" with Shadow Shammy Couture!  Blended beauty in seconds with no brushes needed!
  Be "golden" & let your Eyes do the talking!

Yours in Beauty,

Monday, December 12, 2011


  Ever wonder what causes a man's (your man's) eye to wander?  Most of the time men are looking for something different, someone different.  Why not You be the "other woman"?
  Sound silly?  Its not really, all you need is to create different looks.  Most women though, don't know how to create different looks with makeup, they either wear none or are stuck in the same makeup look they leaned at 15!
  Problem solved!  With Shadow Shammy Couture, you can be "the other woman" everyday by quickly & easily creating numerous different and beautiful eye shadow looks!  No more excuses, no more guessing, no more mess & most important, no more wasted money on eye shadows you don't know how to use or blend!
  Click on the Red Store Tab & view the choices of handmade, hand designed (by me!), Shadow Shammy Couture now!  Remember, during the Holiday/Christmas season I am offering a 2 for 1 deal that I will virtually never offer again!  So now is the time to try Shadow Shammy Couture & see how versatile your looks can be with no brushes, no guess work & no mess or wasted money on eye shadows you'll never use!!
  Give yourself and the special man in your life a gift now!  You deserve to be "the other woman"!!

                   These are all me!!

                   Yours in Beauty,

EYEBROWS- HOW TO: 'No More Sperm'!!

  The first thing someone notices about you is your eyes.  Yes, even men.  We may think men's focus is on other features of a woman but the eyes have it.
  Your eyes can have the most beautiful color or eye shadow combination, blended to perfection, however if your brows in a mess, the look is ruined.  Think of your eyes as you would a treasured photo or artwork you love in your home.  If either the photo or the artwork have no frames or worse, tattered, broken frames they destroy the look intended.  The same is true for your eyes.
Great Brows!
  For perfect eyebrows, pickup a pair of eyebrow stencils.  They are inexpensive & easy to use.  Use the stencil two ways:  First, for shaping your brows.  Place the stencil (in the size you desire, thin or natural) over your eyebrow, fill in the stencil completely with a white eye liner pencil.  The white works great because its easy to remove & the white color makes removing the hairs simple.  Remove all the hair under the white brow you've drawn.  Do not remove any hair above the stenciled white brow.  Second, you now have a foolproof guide for filling in perfect  brows everyday!  Speeds up makeup time & is consistent.
  To choose the color brow pencil or shadow for you, be sure to pick a color 1 to 2 shades lighter than your hair color.  Using the same color or a darker color than your hair can have a harsh and aging effect.  Choose a powder shadow eyebrow color for a softer effect & an eyebrow pencil for a more dramatic, defined effect.
"Sperm Brows"
  Please do me a favor & stop with the "sperm" shaped eyebrows!  Its a dated look, a horrible look & does not flatter anyone!  You know the shape I am talking about.  They really do look like little sperms over your eyes!  Awful!
  So go get yourself eyebrow stencils & do your eyes, your face & me a favor by forever ridding the world of the "sperm brow"!  Remember, when you have little time for makeup, dust on mineral foundation, over neck too, stencil your brows, add a sweep of blush to cheeks first, then using what's left on your brush, go over your forehead, nose and chin & down neck.  Add a tinted lip balm & done!  For extra impact in a flash, try my Shadow Shammy Couture! -Click Red Store Tab- Groomed brows give a finished look to even minimal makeup because:
Actual "Shadow Shammy Couture" 
Look of "Shadow Shammy Couture"  

the eyes do have it!

Yours in Beauty,

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hey ladies check out this amazing new product I got! Takes 5 min or less and looks like you spent an hr at MAC! They are eyeshadow Shammy's!

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Peggy Tanous

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


My last post I touched on the more "sordid" side of being a Studio Makeup Artist & I wanted to share one of my many "out of the ordinary" experiences.

I had knocked on many closed "doors" trying to get hired as a brand new Makeup Artist in Hollywood & one day my "door" opened.  My first real makeup gig was for a well known late night Talk Show.  I was to be the only artist and do makeup for the host as well as all the guests.  This was a 2 week gig for "sweeps" (time that ratings count) and this New York based show would return to New York afterwards.  Well, I'm thrilled and go to the studio happy to be working!  I am not naming the show or celebrity to protect us both, but I will give above.
I meet the host and he is wonderful! On this particular day, I am to do makeup for a very well known actor.  I mean a big star!  I meet this wavy haired man and he sits in my makeup chair.  His manager is with him for most of his time in makeup & we chat.  I am finishing his makeup and his manager steps out.  As I remove his cape & tissue from his shirt collar (to protect clothes from powder & makeup), he thanks me and I think, "wow, he is so nice!" And he was nice, a bit, okay a lot nice.  So nice in fact that he showed me his appreciation by grabbing my face between his hands and giving me a deep French Kiss!! 
  I am in my twenties and raised in a small town, so this was a huge shock to me!  As a model I had faced perverts but I never expected an actor of this magnitude to behave this way!  He finishes his 'expression of appreciation' (I must have really been good at doing his makeup! Huh?) and just walks to set!  I am stunned...However not as stunned as when months later I am reading a book about the entertainment industry, a kind of "tell all" and I come across a story about this very actor!  Well, the author of this book tells of an experience of her own and it is much more information then I wanted to know!  It seems this woman who wrote this book was a former Call Girl.  I read on and find that this actor that kissed me deeply was very fond of women's "lips".  So fond in fact, that she described her experience with this celebrity in terms of recommending that he "invest in scuba gear because of his love of going down"!  
  That is all I am going to say & let you gather what you will from that quote.  Now that I know where this celebrities mouth has been, it gave this moment in my career much more meaning and "depth"!!  I was not sure whether to gargle with rubbing alcohol or call all my friends and tell them, or both!  I called my closest friends & told them.  We still laugh about it today!  What a "welcome" to the industry!
  This is just one of the many experiences in my career that 'Beauty  School' did not prepare me for!!  I'll share more of my experiences soon!  And remember, I am new to this 'blogging thing', so if you have any questions about makeup, my Shadow Shammy Couture or the industry,  please ask me!  I love to help women feel and look more beautiful & I am happy to share my secrets too! ;)

Yours in Beauty, 

Friday, December 2, 2011




This technique solves the problem of trying to get the entire length false eyelashes evenly across your lid.  With this technique, your false lashes will be easier to place exactly on your lash line.  They will not sag at the outer edge & stay put the entire day or night!!

Yours in Beauty,
Lisa Gibson

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Now that the Holiday Season is here, I want to share some beauty tips just for this time of year!!

You want to have some sparkle & shine of your own right?  Me too, however the key to keeping your look classic and beautiful while adding Holiday sparkle is, Blending & Moderation!
Moderation meaning, when adding a shimmer eye shadow or shimmer eye pencil to your makeup look you don't want everyone to see only your sparkle eye shadow/pencil.  You want all to notice how beautiful your EYES are!!
Blending a shimmer on to your over all eye shadow look should only be an accent.  If the dress or top you are wearing is sequin or glittery, use a small amount of shimmer to tie together your look.  If your dress/top is gold, add a touch of gold shimmer eye pencil to your lower inside tear duct area.  Be sure to BLEND the gold, with a pointed cotton swab, right into your darker lower lid liner.  The idea is to have one color run seamlessly into the other. Use the same rule for silver or any color you are picking up in your outfit.  You may also add a tiny bit of the same color used for your tear duct area, under your eyebrow & BLEND!  However if you are using a stronger shimmer color like blue or electric green, do NOT use under your eyebrow!

A beautiful Party Look is using smokey eye shadow colors, then accenting with a shimmer silver shadow all over just your eyelid & under your eye at the tear duct.  This is a beautiful Party Look & great with all eye colors!  Or choose eye shadows in browns, taupes, rusts & add a gold shimmer shadow to entire eyelid & at your tear duct.  Looks gorgeous with blue eyes as well as brown.  If you are a green eyed girl, try taupe, lavender, charcoal gray & accent at your tear duct with a shimmer purple shadow.  Highlight under your brow with a soft pink. The green color of your eyes will glow in contrast!! For an extra eye brightener to this green eyed look, add a soft pink eye pencil to the inside rim of your lower lashes.  Benefit Cosmetics makes a fantastic Pink Eye Pencil that gives your the exact effect I describe.  No soft pink eye shadow for under your brow? Use a light swipe of the Pink Benefit eye pencil & blend well with your ring finger.  Your ring finger is the weakest on your hand, so its the most gentle to the delicate eye area.

If you have no time to go home and change before you must attend your office Holiday Party, try this:

Carry (along with your outfit change) a small cosmetic case with "night time" makeup items.  Since it is your "work" party, you don't want to go too crazy with sparkle! Items needed to refresh & transform your office day look to office party look- a darker or brighter shade lipstick then you wear daily to work, matching or nude lip pencil, powder compact foundation (perfect for touching up your base) OR tuck a few facial cleansing cloths in your cosmetic case & carefully remove your face makeup (leaving your eye area alone, keeping day eye shadow to add to), dot a bit of either moisturizer or makeup primer on skin & neck, blend (concealer if needed), while still dewey, "tap" your powder foundation on covering your neck and over ears if wearing hair back/up.  The "tapping" application keeps base from sticking more to one area & looking blotchy. Blend the 'left over' base with large brush down neck.  Using only the 'left over' base on your brush gives your neck just enough and blends away to nothing.  Adding more would look over done & may leave a line of where you stopped. Now add a bit brighter blush then usual (stay in color family to lipstick choice), blend well over nose, forehead, chin & ears.  Using the same 'left over' technique used for base to go over nose, chin, etc.  Grab a tissue, place it at a diagonal under the outside of your eye. Add your eye shadows while holding tissue in place.  This will catch any eye shadow 'fall out' and give your eye shadow a perfect upward lift while defining.  Finish eye area & instead of using a shimmer eye shadow/pencil to accent, use a matte color in a pastel or gold/silver.  The color accent will make your eyes pop while using a matte color will keep your look acceptable & professional for your boss & people you work with.  Be sure to keep the rest of your eye shadows in natural tones!!  Add a black eye liner to upper lid & using the same color used for your darkest eye shadow, dip a cotton swap into the darker shadow & use to line under eyes.  BLEND to make darker color "disappear" into your tear duct pastel color. TIP: If you are the one and ONLY person that uses your makeup & want to keep eye shadow "fall out" from landing on your skin while lining under eyes with cotton swab, dab tip of swab onto your tongue.  Your saliva will make eye shadow stick & avoid "fall out".  Dab on tongue, then into eye shadow color, then line!  Makes color stronger too!  I know it sounds weird, but hey, its you, your own tongue, your own shadow & it WORKS!  Now finish with Mascara & a very LIGHT spritz of perfume.  DO NOT over do perfume!! Spritz a bit in the air in front of you & walk thru.  Thats all you need & you don't want to be known at work for too much scent!!  Moderation is key for perfume especially!!  You want to 'freshen', not "cover up" as if you "need" to!!

If your are still reeling from my 'Tongue' tip, perhaps this true story of mine will help:  I was working the Academy Awards one year & the celebrity I was making up (she will remain unknown out of respect) had allergies that caused one of her eyes to water constantly.  Her tears were causing her eye liner to run & as much as I repaired the damage, the tears would continue and I kept repairing.  Part of the problem in fixing her eye liner was the tears & what is in them. Tears have salt in them & salt leaves a residue.  This residue left on her skin kept eye liner from laying down over it.  Since I was on the Red Carpet with her & had only my Set Bag (touch ups), I was limited in ways to fix her eye liner.  Then I had an idea, I asked her to take one of the pointed cotton swabs I had & dab it to wet it on her tongue.  Since she knew me well, she had no hesitation & did so.  I then picked up some of the darker eye shadow I had applied on her with a eye shadow brush & dusted it off in a pile on the back of my hand.  I then dipped the 'tongue dampened' cotton swab into the eye shadow color on the my hand & lined her under eyes.  Her saliva broke thru the salty tear residue & worked great!  I then had to make sure the color stayed put, so I had another "unconventional" idea.  I grabbed my water-proof mascara out of my Set Bag, used the end of a small eye shadow brush & picked up a bit of the water-proof mascara on the tip.  I then gently patted over the shadow "liner" I had just added & sealed her color. No more color running because the water-proof mascara stopped it!  Her agent gave her a Sinus pill to dry her up & problem solved!  In the hour or so it took for the medicine to work, her liner stayed put!  
See how thinking "out of the box", (makeup box) works?  Sometimes you have to ignore the 'definitions' of what a cosmetic is or does & think about other purposes it may serve!

Feel better about my Saliva/Tongue advice now?  I hope so!

Until next time....

Yours in Beauty,
Lisa Gibson