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Tuesday, January 1, 2013



It's the new year.  Welcome 2013!   To start the year off, lets make this year a year about looking our best!  Not that all years shouldn't have that aim, but lets focus harder this year!  Keeping with this aim, I will share my point of view on some beauty areas to concentrate on.

  Starting with the title of this blog, "Men Love Long Hair".  I am inspired to write about this subject because it is a fact I have always known and I just read and Tweeted a study showing men choosing long hair over short.  In this study men were shown photo's of women both with short and long hair.  The men were unaware that some of the photo's were of the same women, only the hair length was changed.  Overwhelmingly men found the women in the photo's with longer hair more attractive even though they didn't realize the women were the same.  Using photo shop only the length of hair was changed.  That change was more appealing to the men.

  This is what I have tried to drill into women's heads ('heads', hair, get it?) for years!  So many women wear their hair longer when they're single then upon getting married & having a baby they cut it.  Why? Well, some of these women will say its because it's "easier" with the baby and all.  Come on!  I had a baby and major back surgery during the same 15 month span & I kept my hair long.  If I can go thru that dramatic couple of life changing events and deal with long hair, so can anyone.  It's really not hard to put your hair up, braid it, wear a ponytail, etc.  Please realize women, just because you are now a "wife" or "wife & mother" doesn't prevent you from continuing to be the woman you are!  The woman who your husband found attractive enough to get to know, then fall in love with and marry and even have a child with.  Don't forget that.

  I have never been one to relate completely to Feminism, yet I am still a very strong, independent woman.  To be a successful career woman strength is key, yet strength does not take away my femininity!  Women can be independent, successful and strong and continue to be a woman.  Just because we can open a door ourselves or pull out our own chair shouldn't mean we shun the respect a man is showing us.  It is not wrong to want to please the man in your life.  It is actually quite smart.  I have blogged before about being "the other woman".  Meaning changing your look with a different hair style or makeup look.  Men are visual therefore appeal to that.  Change your look from the office to going out to dinner.  It doesn't have to be dramatic (unless you want it to be), a little change can do the trick.  You will see and feel the difference from him & you too will feel better about yourself!  Keep with me here & I will post tips and tricks to achieve the changes in your looks!

  One great way to change your looks is Hair Extensions!  Yes, they are an investment, but so worth it! They not only look sexy and youthful, they cause you to walk a little taller, swing your hips a bit more & feel the sexier you inside!  That feeling is worth the investment!  If Hair Extensions are too much at the moment, try Lash Extensions!  Batting those sensual eyes worked for Marilyn Monroe & can work for you too!  Eyelash Extensions are light, you don't even feel them, easy, painless (actually done right, should be a calming, quiet experience, choosing a quiet environment with a private room) & look so amazing!  You wake up looking doe-eyed and with defined eyes!  Great for us fair haired, fair skinned Chicks!  If you are a 'all or nothing Chick' like me, go for both Lash & Hair Extensions!  Sometimes you just have to do it!  Remember before you book your appointment to do your homework!  Be sure of license and certification!  Also, looking into the background is vital.  They must be very experienced!  These are the vary reasons my clients choose me!  So if you are in the Palm Springs, CA area, look me up and I will create a lash and hair look that will make you look and feel gorgeous &  your man will notice...and say thank you!

  Other ways to bring beauty into your life for the new year are drink more water!  Fill a reusable bottle of about 16 ounces and drink throughout the day, refill 4 to 6 times, your skin will glow & your body will thin out a bit.  You will eat less due to the water making you feel fuller.  Grab a Vitamin E Stick or Capsules & apply to lips, around eyes, on cuticles & don't forget your elbows!  Keep on your nightstand and use nightly.  You will see and feel the difference in a week!  Try on soles of your feet and heels too, just apply at bedtime so you don't slip!  Slather mayonaise or olive oil on hair once a month.  Great for locking in moisture, just don't use it on the day you need to look perfect!  Can weigh hair down.  Do it the day before!  Keep skin and hair from damage while you sleep.  Invest in a satin pillow case.  The smooth satin will keep skin from forming lines while sleeping on your sides & hair will slide not rub agains the satin.  I can always tell what side someone sleeps on by looking at their skin, lashes or hair.  Their skin will have more defined lines (even if they are younger) on one side, their hair will be thinner & lashes will be thinner and sometimes bent inward from pressure on one side.  Drink Green Tea.  A cup every night was my Grandmothers secret & she not only lived to 90, but looked and passed for a much younger woman!  Green Tea also helps keep fat away from our bellies!

  There!  Lots of ways to welcome in 2013 Beautifully!!  Choose one or choose them all, but do something for yourself!  Have a look in my Online Store too if you like to get you started!  Purchase a beauty product, hair or lash extensions or beautify your inside by donating to a dog and teen in need!  Mine is the only store that provides Beauty with Benefits!!  Remember, true and real beauty comes from inside.  No makeup in the world can cover up evil, jealousy, selfishness, stinginess or hypocrisy!! Your face displays your life choices and you really do end up with the face you Deserve!  So have a look at my store and choose a beauty enhancer to fit your life!

Here is to a Beautiful New Year!!

Lisa Gibson, "The Makeup Chick"

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