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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Now that the end of the year is almost here, I wanted to be sure I took the time to appreciate my clients & all the wonderful people I know!  Since my last blog post was about negative, transparent people who have to list their supposed  good qualities.  Real people know when you truly are a wonderful, happy, loved person it just shows, you never have to name them off!  Beauty is apparent in the acts of a person, in their generosity, in their ability to give & not think of taking.  In being so fulfilled in your own life the last thing you'd ever think of, much less do, is seek out another and see what they're doing in their life.  It absolutely shocks me when I'm made aware of people like this searching me out.  These people meant nothing to me when I had to deal with them, certainly not a thought in my mind afterwards!
To the amazing people in my life who "get it", thank you!  Thank you to all my clients for your consistent business.  Thank you for your kind gifts!  I was surprised to receive so many!  I truly do appreciate all of you & your grace in choosing to make your own decisions.  Thank you for all the wonderful compliments on my new location.  I really love it & am thrilled to be in such a beautiful spa environment.  I know the new year will provide more amazing things for us as we continue to work together for beauty's sake.  I love designing Hair & Lash Extensions and am happy to welcome my newer clients who took advantage of my Hair/Lash Special!  Long lashes and long, sexy hair together!  I am glad you all are happy with them & realized I was right!  You are turning more heads now!  Believe me, I worked with men on countless TV, Movie & Music Videos who were part of the crew and I listened when they talked!  As well as the celebrity men I spoke with thru the years!  I am happy to be right since my Hair and Lash designs helped with looking better and feeling better!

I just Tweeted a new survey result, 'Do men prefer long hair?' YES was the overwhelming answer!  How long? Past the shoulders.  Men were shown photos of the same women, the only change made was length of hair.  Men picked the women with the longer hair even though they were not aware they were being shown the same women.  They found the photos of the women with longer hair more appealing.  This is what I have been saying & telling women for years!!  Being in the beauty business on both sides of the makeup chair (as a model & makeup/hair artist) in the highest end of the business, the Studio's, I know what is attractive & I know how to get you there!!

  Here is my salute in Photos to my beautiful clients!  Enjoy!

Mischa Barton is said to have used products which used the so-called temple hair
Mishca, loved working with you!
Keratin treatment
Neat & tight Design, not just application!

Eyelash Extensions
Amazing Difference!
Showing curved design.  Thank you Veronica!!

Thank You, Gisele! Glad you came to me for your wedding!

Lash Extensions, done properly, such a difference!
Pro Chick at work!


Extreme length!
Thank you Brenda, I'm glad you love your hair!
   My sincere appreciation to all, for your support, putting up with pictures and photo shoots for me and repaying my loyalty with yours!

See you all in 2013!

Lisa Gibson, "The Makeup Chick"

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