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Saturday, December 29, 2012


"We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift." -Marilyn Monroe

Me, Photo Shoot-12/12
You know them.  You've met them, dated them lived next door to them or even worked with them.  If you've had better luck then me, you have managed to avoid them.  Too bad there isn't a sign or clear warning to ignite our basic "fight or flight" response upon our first encounter with these jealous souls.  If only these people came with a "run now" or "damaged goods" warning tag!  We could then steer clear of these poor, lonely, talentless cling on's before their desperation causes them to try to become a part of our full, happy lives.

"The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy are goodness, beauty, and truth" -Albert Einstein 

At some point in our lives we do have to deal with one of these tainted and broken personalities.  If you're lucky, its only one, however if you are like me, above average looks, happy relationship & amazing career you'll have more than you share!!  Please don't take my previous statements of fact to be egotistical, they are not.  They are simply facts.  I had a career for which I was paid to have my face & body photographed, then went on to a highly successful  career, basically working for myself, in entertainment.  Not many people have lives & a career like this much less two careers!  Again, I am not meaning to brag (and if you are someone similar to me, you get what I am saying) I am stating obvious facts.  Its like Albert Einstein saying he is stupid!  That would be silly!  The fact is Einstein was a genius and for him to try to say otherwise is ridiculous!  That is where I am coming from.  And no, I am  not comparing myself to Einstein.  But for those of you reading this that get it, you already knew that!

"No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Cinderella, True Beauty
I for some reason have had more than a few encounters with these sad 'haters'.  It could be the industry I spent most my life in that led to these situations, I don't know.  I do know that from a young age I started noticing strange reactions in meeting women.  At the time I was not as secure in myself or my looks so I thought there was something wrong. I learned from a modeling agent I had that it was not me but a reaction to me that was the issue.  My height, lean build & good genes led me to modeling, I did not seek it out.  I had notes left on my cars from ages 16 on numerous times from men wanting a date or men saying they were a photographer, etc.  Just from seeing me walk through a parking lot or store.  Now again, this is not my ego.  My looks are not my creation!  I did not have plastic surgery to look the way I do!  Therefore, I cannot take credit for my looks, my parents do!  They are the two that made me the way I look.  Being beautiful is not a talent!  It is a lucky gene pool!  Beauty also can be a double edged sword!  Case in point, the subject matter of this blog post.  If I did not look the way I do, I would not have dealt with these pathetic 'haters' so often, perhaps at all.  Clearly outward beauty is a gift, not a talent.  What is a talent though is beauty on the inside!  Who you are, integrity, morality, kindness, honesty, generosity (both of spirit and material) and compassion to name a few.  Behaving as a "beauty" is the only pure and real beauty there is & it is developed, not given.  A good example of inner beauty & outer beauty having to deal with the ugly, evil and jealous is Cinderella.  The core of that story is exactly what I am writing about here!  Cinderella's step sisters only hated Cinderella because of her outer beauty.  True, Cinderella was born with her looks but she was kind & loving to all.  That is what the core of her beauty stemmed from.  Her two hateful, jealous & outer beauty challenged step sisters were so busy trying to compete with someone that was not in competition, that they missed out on the real beauty of their step sister & life!

"the voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls" -Friedrich Nietzsche

Me, Studio Makeup Room-'96
I have had way too many encounters with the "ugly step sisters" types & will never fully understand someones motivation to insert themselves into my life.  For example, I worked for years for a certain leading, national TV show as a Makeup Artist.  There was a Hair Stylist working the same show.  I  did not work in the same makeup room as she, so not much interaction.  Years later I am called to work the makeup department for another national TV show, after having my first child.  The first day I report to the studio's & open the makeup room, I see this same Hair Stylist.  Its been about 4 years since last we saw each other (she got let go of the other show about a year after I was hired) and I had not only had a baby (at the time, less then 2 years old), I had also had major back surgery & heavy rehab.  Well, the first thing this person says to me is, "Wow, Lisa Gibson!  I saw your name on the call sheet & thought, she's on this show? I figured you were hired because you're the 'sexy Lisa Gibson', but now I see you are not sexy anymore."  She was referring to my gaining 15 pounds due to my baby and recent back surgery with learning to walk again.  You see, she was so jealous and hateful towards me all those years that she managed to launch the meanest cut down she could at me!  She not only let me know I was no longer 'sexy' but she also demeaned my talent and ability!  I have had lots of mean remarks born from jealousy thrown at me, but I remember this one because I had no idea she had spent all those years thinking of me!!  Get a life!  I had not given her a seconds thought.  Not because of any reason, she was just insignificant to me & my life.  I had no reason to think of her, she was not important enough.  I had not bad feelings or good towards her, I felt nothing as she was not in my life.  I have too much going on to think of someone I once worked with.  Not negative or positive, just nothing.

"Beauty is a sign of intelligence" -Andy Warhol

Me, Hawaii '08
That leads me to my point.  I am beyond tired of women who are so insecure, lonely, sad, talentless & bored that they must constantly find ways to insert themselves in my life.  Why is it that just because I may have moved on these desperate women cannot seem to stop thinking about me, reading about me or trying to compete with me?  How can there be a competition between Cinderella and her ugly step sisters?  There cannot be a competition where there is no commonality!  That is why you never see a woman that looks like Whoopie Goldberg in a beauty pageant! Can't these women (and we know who they are in our lives) just go on with their lives?  Do they have to continue to inflict us with their lame excuses to make contact?  Its bad enough dealing with men like this throughout life, why do we have to endure these lackluster, clueless women too?  When I have a end to a relationship with a woman (neither bad or good, just an end), be it business or personal I do not think of them again.  I don't care & have no thought of them.  My life, as full as it is, goes on.  I am ambivalent about them.  I don't understand why these women can't see how pathetic, sad and desperate the look by spending their time thinking of or finding excuses to contact me?  My goodness, move on with your life!  Get a life!  Unless someone is very special to me, I do not worry about what they do, say or have.  I certainly am never threatened by anything they may do or have because they are no competition to me, so why should I give them a thought?  Yet it amazes me that there are still these empty, sad & desperate women I have either worked with or known that are so out of touch with reality they actually think they matter to me, much less are competition!  Please, if you think you may be one of these types, stop!  Moving on with your life is the answer.  Inflicting yourself on people that clearly are out of your league and or think absolutely nothing of you just highlights how sad and empty your life is!  Read a book, learn a language, volunteer in an animal shelter, join a gym and try to find your waist again anything but being transparent & pathetic enough to continue to worry about someone who never gave a second thought to you!  Realize you are on one level & they are on another, much higher, happier & more successful level than you ever were or ever could be.  No competition between Cinderella and her ugly, mean, loser step sisters!  A warthog and a thoroughbred race horse cannot compete!

"Beauty is the illumination of your soul" -John O'Donohue

Me, Modeling-'90
Now, for the 'haters',  find a hobby, volunteer in helping others, donate to charity but stop obsessing about people who couldn't care less about you.  It just makes you even more ugly than you already are & that is not what anyone wants!
For the object of the "haters", keep on being the successful, ground breaker, loving and well loved, happy, fulfilled, beautiful (inside and out), amazing, smart, talented woman you have always been!  Maybe nothing will ever make the 'haters' change, but us objects will continue to love, be loved and succeed at things others won't attempt!

"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone" - Dorothy Parker

Wishing you a Happy & Beautiful New Year!

-The Makeup Chick-

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