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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


  Why do so many women insist on using lip liner that doesn't come close to matching their lipstick?  Is it done for a "look"?  A horrible, un-kissable, just drank hot chocolate look?  Is this done for effect?  If so, what effect?  Fright? Fear? Sympathy?
I hope she enjoyed her hot chocolate!
I think sympathy, because that is the effect that comes over me when I see this dark, stark lipliner look.  I feel so sorry for the women sporting this disaster & wish to give them a mirror as it seems they do not have one.  Perhaps I feel sympathy for their color blindness or sorry for them that they (quite wrongly) think they actually look good!  I see these poor, misguided souls all over.  On television (reality TV), at the store, selling cosmetics at the department stores, ringing up my order at my local home supply store.  I have to fight to stop myself from running at them with a handful of tissues & frantically wiping their lips clean, then reapplying properly!  I want to ask, why?  Why did they chose their lipstick/lip liner combo?  Do they have 'real' friends?  Friends that will tell you the truth, risk hurting your feelings, to be sure not to let their friend walk around looking like they just polished off a box of Oreo's!  Perhaps all their friends apply their lip liner in the same way?  I wonder about the men in these women's lives.  Do they think this, "I just ate a box of Oreo's & washed them down with hot chocolate" lip liner look is appealing?  Are they too afraid to speak up?  Aren't these men at least fed up with the ruined shirt collars & high dry cleaning bill?

I don't know if I will ever solve the mystery of the dark lip liner with a lighter color lipstick stark look, but I will teach anyone who will listen the correct & flattering way to color their lips.


1- Select a lip liner no more than one shade darker than you lipstick color.

2- Warm the tip of lip liner pencil on the back of your hand.  Makes the liner easier to apply & less likely to "crumb" (leave little chunks on lips).

3- Pick up a lip brush or pointed q-tip & blend line.

4- Apply a bit of lip balm, blot with tissue.

5- Now apply lipstick, use lip brush or out of the tube.

6- Blot again, if desired, to keep lip color from bleeding.
Just Right!

*Tip- At times applying lipstick first, then lip liner works well.  Especially when using darker or red tones. Provides more control.  Concealer applied before liner or lipstick helps with control too.  If choosing concealer first, skip the lip balm (#4).

Okay then, what have we learned?  Never, ever, ever wear a lip liner color more than one shade darker than your lipstick!  Best to match the two.  That way you'll never be accused of not sharing the box of Oreo's everyone is sure you just ate!!

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Yours in Beauty,
Lisa, The Makeup Chick

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