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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Here are some examples of Hair Extension "Design" not just application or install.  When Hair Extensions are added to natural hair, the strands must be added with the individual design as well as needs & lifestyle of the client.

Every time a new client comes to me for Hair Extensions, I first talk with them about their lifestyle, needs, hair care routine as well as the hair extension style they have in mind.  This is important to find out who the client is & if the idea they have for their hair extensions will work well with their individual lifestyle. 

Example:  A client comes in who is a swimmer.  She wants long, thick Shrink Link extensions.  Information about the extension technique choice must be given to the client to inform her of the ability of Shrink Links.  Not the correct technique for a swimmer.  Shrink Links do not hold up well with lots of water exposure as well as chlorine.   The client may have read about Shrink Links or has a friend (non swimmer) who has them & does not know how they work.   She simply wants what she has heard about with out knowing what is right for her individual needs.  As the expert, it is my job to inform her & educate her as to the correct extension technique that will work best with swimming.  Keratin Bonds are a good choice.  However, there are other considerations when deciding what is best.  Is the hair fine or fragile?  Is it colored?  These are all considerations the Stylist must share with the client & know herself, to provide the client with the best hair extensions for the money she is spending.

Being knowledgable & confident when talking with a client is as important as the actual extension application design.  A client wants to trust her stylist & deserves one who is confident in her knowledge & education.  Listening is such a very important quality to have as an artist/stylist.  So many stylist don't know or even care to listen to the client.  That is sad & a big reason why stylists can have a bad reputation.  Listening to clients is what separates the successful stylists from the stylist who jump from salon to salon.

One of the comments I hear the most from my clients is my confidence. They all have told me that when they first met me they felt my professionalism & confidence.  That alone gained their trust in me.  Plus, after I am done with their hair, they see why I am confident.  I not only am the best at what I do, I also love it!  If at anytime something does not turn out right, regardless of why, I always fix it.  Most of the time for free!  Standing behind my work & being, well I will admit it, 'obsessed' with making women look & feel beautiful is a huge reason why I have had such a long and consistent career.  Even out of the Studio's now, for the most part, I am still able to generate a full & return clientele.

With all that said, please do your research when thinking of getting Hair Extensions.  Be sure the stylist is certified & experienced.  However, remember someone can have all the "paperwork" that says they are qualified, yet listen to your gut.  If you have a feeling right away that the stylist is confident & sure of their abilities, that may be the best factor in finding a talented Hair Extension Designer!

**If any of you reading this Blog would like to come to me for your Hair or Lash Extensions, I am located in the Palm Springs area.  Look me up on Manta, Sales Spider, Google Adsense, Thumbtack & Twitter (Makeuppro99).  You will find all my contact information to make a booking with me!

**Last thing:  Be sure to catch my weekly Twitter Chats every Thursday from 5-6PM!  I have been graciously asked by a reporter who contacted me, due to my career in the Studio's, & asked me to do a Chat.  I had never done one before but jumped in & it was so great that I was asked to provide my Professional, Celebrity Beauty Advice every week!  All things beauty are discussed by a theme each week.  Last Thursday, Nov. 29th I gave advice on Makeup Bags.  What to carry in your purse makeup bag & what to pack for your Travel Makeup Bag.  The Chat is still up if you'd like to check out "what to  pack in your Makeup Bag"!  Go to: or

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When it comes to getting Hair Extensions, why go anywhere else...Why?

Yours in Beauty,
Lisa, "Studio Chick Extension Designer"

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