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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So many wrong ideas & bad, uninformed information out there regarding Eyelash Extensions!  "They make your lashes fall out", "you have to have them re-done every week or two", "you'll have no lashes of your own left"- all wrong!

  Eyelash Extension, when properly applied by an expert certified & skilled, will do no harm to your natural lashes.  You will not lose your own lashes because of wearing extensions.  However, proper following of home care is vital.  Do not use an eyelash curler, no waterproof mascara, do not pull on extensions, do not attempt to remove them yourself.
  Having a good experience with Eyelash Extensions is really all up to you, the client!  Before deciding on Eyelash Extensions, you MUST do your homework!  Do you exercise often & sweat?  Do you use steam rooms often?  Are you a swimmer?  Do you use rich, oil based eye cream or moisturizers?  Do you have the time to devote to monthly touch ups?  The budget too?
 I hand selected this Lash photo to promote extensions
  You see, proper selection through educating yourself is the key to a successful Eyelash Extension experience.  You are in control!  First find a artist who is certified & has years of work in both Extensions as well as skilled makeup application.  Why makeup application skill?  Working around the eye area takes skill & a steady hand.  Years of working in makeup provides a level of skill not gotten just in Eyelash Extension certification.  Also, be sure you choose a Licensed Esthetician/Cosmetologist.  A manicurist in the back of a nail salon is asking for trouble!  Sure, the price may be low, but the real price you will risk & may pay trusting your one and only set of eyes & vision will be priceless!
  Making sure your artist is Licensed as well as Certified is extremely important for sanitation!  An artist offering Lash Extensions who is not Licensed most likely will not be educated in proper sanitation vital to protecting you vision!!  A fact you do not want to skimp on, no matter what the price?  My goodness, its your eyes!!

Gel pad/surgical tape holds down & protects lower lashes
  Proper application of Eyelash Extensions is a lash to lash bond.  Meaning, one synthetic lash to one natural lash, one by one.  An artist offering Lash Extensions in under an hour (full set) is not applying one single lash!  Its a "Flare Lash", a lash that has 3-6 lashes connected in a knot together.  Attaching a "flare lash" to one natural lash is too much weight from the multi-lash & adhesive.  You are sure to not only look like a mess, but also loose your lashes!!  To properly apply a full set of lash to lash, single hair Eyelash Extensions should take at least an hour to 90 minutes.  Remember that when looking for a Lash artist.
  Your Lash artist should have a private, quiet & clean room away from the noise of a salon.  This process is at least an hour & should be done in the most calm & comfortable area.  Lying down on a chair that lies virtually flat or a massage table.  Quiet, calm, even sleep during your Lash appointment!  Your artist should be that gentle!  The only time you will feel at all uncomfortable is during the taping down of the lower lashes.  This prevents the upper & lower lashes from bonding together & never opening your eyes again!  So this taping of the lower lashes being done right is vital!  That is if you like having your eyes open!  Once your lashes are properly prepared, you close your eyes & let the artist do their magic!  Relax, day dream, sleep & open your eyes about an hour later to amazing, long, thick, glossy lashes!  During your time relaxing, a professional artist will gently pick up one synthetic lash with a special tweezer, dip it in special, eye safe adhesive, then spread your lashes apart to isolate just one natural lash, using another tweezer & apply the lash extension to one of your lashes.  Repeating this  process until about 60 lashes have been bonded to your lashes.  You'll have your lashes dried via a small fan, then you'll have your tape removed from your lower lashes, open your eyes & look in the mirror!  You should love what you see!
  You should be handed a list of directions to care for your extensions & follow them to the letter.  If the artist did their job properly, it is then up to you to do the rest!  No water on your lashes for 24-48 hours, no sweating or steam.  Then just enjoy all the looks & compliments that come your way!  

  Since you have just read all about Eyelash Extensions, I am sure you want them for yourself!  After all, its the Holidays & you deserve to stand out too!  Well, if your'e lucky enough to live in the Palm Springs area, you can come to me & enjoy my Holiday Special!  Get yourself a full head of long, thick, sexy hair (we all know men love long hair!) Extensions & I will design a Full Set of long, glossy Eyelash Extensions FREE!  You get amazing Hair & Lashes for one price!  
Green Lash Extensions! By Yours Truly
  For those of you not in my area, read above again & then apply what you have learned to select a proper, educated, professional, certified & licensed artist!  You won't get the Hair Extensions deal I offer, but you will get great lashes!  But only if you follow my rules in choosing the right artist!  You are in control!

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Have the Happiest of Holidays, Merry Christmas!!

Yours in Beauty,

Lisa, "The Makeup Chick"

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